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 Corti Brothers Newsletter for July 2009  Page 1 

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To Our Customers:

In this newsletter, you will find some old favorites and some new products which I hope will become favorites. Summer is a time for relaxed living. The wine selection reflects this, as do the Goan Cuisine products. But not only will this newsletter delight you with summer delicacies, they can also accompany the rest of the year. Our new tea selection will give you an excellent perspective on China tea. Keep calm and enjoy summer.

Darrell Corti

 Uvaggio Moscata (Giallo) Wine 2008 

Uvaggio, in Italian, means a blend of grapes that make a wine. Uvaggio here is the brand name of Italian variety wines made in California by Jim Moore. Jim is an ex wine seller who decided a long time ago to become a winemaker and has been very successful at it. In 2008, he produced a lovely perfumed, dry white wine from the Moscato Giallo variety from a vineyard in Lodi, California. But he cannot label it Moscato Giallo since the TTB in Washington, which regulates U.S. label approval, does not recognize the variety. So it must be simply labeled Moscato.

Moscato Giallo is a variety from the very north east of Italy, the Trentino/Alto Adige. There are five recognized clones of this variety and when the wine is labeled in German, it is Goldmuskateller.

Uvaggio Moscato (Giallo) 2008 is pale light green yellow in color; finely muscat scented and dry, but not bitter in flavor as dry muscats sometimes can be. It is a charming aperitif wine for summer drinking and will keep for 2 to 3 years, producing a flavory, unusual white wine that is charming. But if you like your wines with as much fruit as possible, drink this before that time. Aged dry muscats, however, can be delicious, and this one should be.

Uvaggio Moscato Wine 2008 Uvaggio Moscato (Giallo) Wine 2008 12.5% 750ml (#2300)

 Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta 

Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta is a brand of excellent egg pasta produced in the south German area of the Swabian Alb, south of Stuttgart, in the Baden-Wurttemberg State. However, I like to think that Germany produces noodles and Italy, pasta. Nonetheless, the Alb-Gold products are very good.

The company started in 1968 as an egg farm with a store. Now using only organic durum wheat and their own 24 hour old, fresh cracked, organic, cage free eggs, Alb-Gold is one of Germany’s organic noodle pioneers.

I would like to point out to you the three cuts which we have now--different shapes that would be wonderful for summer cooking. They are: Butterflies, Tacos, and Little Hats. They are very good for any time use; my comment about summer is that all three would make lovely ingredients for cold pasta salad. The Butterflies, bowties, or farfalle are small in size and do not expand much when cooked. The Tacos look like pinched tacos shells, rather like little canoes. The Little Hats or cappelletti look like a small three cornered hat. Dressed with a raw tomato sauce, fresh pesto, or with the traditional mayonnaise dressing, they are delicious.

Egg pasta has a special snap to it that other pasta does not. For this reason, it seems to be different from other pasta when served either hot or cold. Served hot, the tacos and little hats hold sauce very well given their concave shapes. The bowties are a small mouthful and would be wonderful for children since they can be eaten whole without being cut. Their 250g bag size makes them enough for a first course for 6 people, a good portion as a main course for 4, and an elegant sufficiency for two with leftovers.

Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta Butterflies Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta Butterflies 250g bag (#2301)

Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta Tacos Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta Tacos 250g bag (#2302)

Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta Little Hats Alb-Gold Organic Egg Pasta Little Hats 250g bag (#2303)

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