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 Corti Brothers Newsletter for December 2009  Page 3 

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 Panettone Bardi 

Bardi Panettone has slightly different characteristics from Loison. It is produced from by a noted Piemonetese bakery, which makes a series of complimentary flavors to the Loison.

There are both the (tall) Alto and Basso (low) shaped panettone; Senza Canditi, without candied fruit, just raisins; Nocciolato, glazed with hazelnut paste; Fondente, perfumed with orange flower water, pieces of chocolate, glazed with chocolate and almonds.

Pandoro, a Verona specialty, without fruit and in a tall star shape, to be covered with powdered sugar, is eaten traditionally at New Year. All Bardi Panettone are1000g (2.2lbs) in size.

Bardi Panettone Alto
Bardi Panettone Alto Traditional tall shape, candied citrus and raisins, boxed (#2413)

Sold out.

Bardi Panettone Basso
Bardi Panettone Basso Traditional low shape, candied citrus and raisins, boxed (#2414)

Sold out.

Bardi Panettone Nocciolato
Bardi Panettone Nocciolato Low shape, hazelnut glaze, citrus fruit, raisins, boxed (#2415)

Sold out.

Bardi Panettone Senza Canditi
Bardi Panettone Senza Canditi Tall shape, no candied fruit, just raisins, silver foil wrapped (#2416)

Sold out.

Bardi Panettone Fondente
Bardi Panettone Fondente Low shape, chocolate bits and glaze, fruit and orange flower, almonds, blue foil (#2417)

Sold out.

Bardi Pandoro
Bardi Pandoro Tall, star shaped golden bread, no fruit, gold wrapped box (#2418)

Sold out.

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