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To Our Customers:

As we come to the end of our 60th year in business, customers have asked, “How did you celebrate?” We didn’t. We got up and came to work every day, to continue the model formed at Corti Brothers’ inception. In today’s world, keeping relevant is very important, and selling foodstuffs, means keeping relevant all the time. There is no secret. It is just hard work.

In this newsletter there are holiday items, some new, others traditional. All are chosen with the idea of bringing you familiar or different and new experiences in food and wine. Peaceful and Happy Holidays to all.

Darrell Corti

 Christmas Panettone 

This will be the second year running we have offered the choice selection of panettone from Dolciara Loison, established in 1938 just outside of Vicenza in Italy’s Veneto region. We also still offer our exclusive Bardi panettone, which for the last nine years has given great pleasure.

Loison has come up with another specialty for Christmas 2007, which is Panettone Noël, made with glacéed pears and the spices of northern Europe, cloves and cinnamon. It is different from the usual panettone with its distinctive “pane speziato” spiced bread flavor. The pears make it subtly delicious. One Loison specialty Corti Brothers has exclusively is made with Fausto Maculan’s famous Torcolato dessert wine. Based on the classic dough, there are the panettone made with amarene cherries, torrone, and the rare, late mandarin of Ciaculli in Sicily.

The basis of both Loison and Bardi panettone production is the preparation of the sourdough sponge which is the same as for San Francisco’s famous sour dough bread. Then follows the creation of the butter and egg enriched dough to which the selected ingredients are added. Also a specialty of Loison are the very large “magnum” series of panettone in 2-3-5-10 kilogram sizes in their distinctive burgundy colored hat boxes. They are truly remarkable when used at large parties or family gatherings.

Bardi panettone is our exclusive from our friends, the Brothers Longo, Un mondo di Specialità. Here the selection is very traditional, with only a few specialties such as the hazelnut glazed panettone, the chocolate stuffed and covered one, the panettone without candied fruit, the traditional Verona Pandoro and Veneziana with its orange flower scent.

With these delicious panettone, you can be certain that your Christmas holidays will be truly Italian. In fact, for the Italians, without panettone it is not Christmas!

 Loison Panettone 

New for the 2007 Christmas season, Panettone Noël has candied pears and spice flavors from northern Europe, clove and cinnamon, making it very much like what the medieval “spice breads” would have been like if made by a wonderful baker. It is a definite must taste this year.

Panettone NoŽl at Corti Brothers Loison Panettone Noël Basso Shape, 1000g, opaque paper wrapping (#1950)

Sold out.

Loison Panettone Al Torcolato Maculan at Corti Brothers
Loison Panettone Al Torcolato Maculan basso shape, 1000g, paper wrapping (#1951)

Sold out.

 Maculan Torcolato Wine 

Torcolato is a dried grape wine invented by Fausto Maculan in the Vicenza area using Vespaiolo grapes tied on nylon thread where they hang from racks and dry until after the new year. It ferments much like Sauternes. Because we are friends of Fausto, he has agreed to sell us some of this production. Torcolato is used to plump the raisins for this panettone, where, softening and becoming delicious, they retain some of the Torcolato flavor. The perfect match is serving this panettone with Torcolato. Wine:

Maculan Torcolato Wine 2003 at Corti Brothers Maculan Torcolato Wine 2003 375 ml (#1952)

Sold out.

Large candied sour cherries called amarene are added to the usual candied peel and raisins. The amarene, large and juicy, lend a distinctive fragrance and savor. If you like cherries, this is for you.

Loison Panettone Amarena with Cherries at Corti Brothers
Loison Panettone Amarena with Cherries basso shape 1000g, transparent wrapping (#1953) 

Sold out.

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