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  Corti Brothers Newsletter for December 2006   Page 1  

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To Our Customers:

This newsletter will hopefully serve two purposes: Inform you as to what we have for the Holidays, and remove a piece of mail from your December mail box. You should receive this before Thanksgiving, and some of what is included may just fit the bill for that Holiday. It certainly will fit Christmas. Once again, there are products new to us, distinctive specialties, and some old favorites. Peaceful and Happy Holidays!

Darrell Corti

 Loison Panettone 

Dolciaria Loison (the Loison bakery) is relatively new to Corti Brothers. In our spring 2006 newsletter, we offered their traditional spring holiday breads. Now for the first time we are offering our selection of Loison Christmas panettone. We are still offering Bardi panettone which for the last eight years has been our exclusive because of its high quality. The difference between Loison and Bardi is one of flavor and ingredients. The Loison range compliments the Bardi.

Since 1938, Loison has been active in Vicenza in Italy’s Veneto region, and for three generations they have produced exceptional panettone, specializing in panettone with different ingredients added to the classic base--amarene cherries, torrone, rare citrus, even wine. One specialty which Corti Brothers has exclusively is made with Torcolato, Fausto Maculan’s famous dessert wine.

The basis of Loison’s panettone production is the preparation of the sourdough sponge which is the same as San Francisco’s famous sour dough bread. Then follows the creation of the butter and egg enriched dough to which selected citrus peel, special raisins, vanilla, and other ingredients are added. Made with great care, Loison is also famous for its Magnum range of panettone in 2, 3, 5, and 10 kilo sizes. These are very special, large panettone which merit your attention.

Loison Panettone Al Torcolato Maculan Loison Panettone Al Torcolato Maculan Basso Shape 1000g paper wrapping (#1700)

Sold out.

 Maculan Torcolato Wine 2003 

Fausto Maculan, a noted wine producer in the Vicenza area, created a dried grape wine which is called Torcolato. It is made from Vespaiolo grapes, tied on nylon thread so that the clusters hang down from hooks in the ceiling of special rooms where they wither and concentrate their sugar until well after the new year. Torcolato ferments much like a Sauternes and is a specialty of this producer. An old friend, Fausto agreed to let us sell some of his Loison Panettone al Torcolato where Torcolato is used to plump the raisins used in the panettone. Softening and becoming delicious, they retain some of the Torcolato flavor. The perfect match is serving this panettone with Maculan Torcolato.

Maculan Torcolato Wine 2003 Maculan Torcolato Wine 2003 375ml (#1701)

Sold out.

 Loison Panettone Alle Amarene Basso 

For this panettone, very large candied sour cherries called amarene are added to the usual candied peel and raisins. The amarene cherries, large and juicy, lend a distinctive fragrance and savor to this panettone. If you like cherries, this is for you.

Loison Panettone Alle Amarene Basso Loison Panettone Alle Amarene Basso , 1000g transparent wrapping, satin ribbon (#1702)

Sold out.

 Loison Panettone Al Torrone Basso Shape 

This is a panettone which unites the two emblematic Italian Christmas sweets: torrone, nougat made with almonds, egg whites and honey, with traditional Christmas panettone. Torrone bits are added to the dough and melt into the cake. Unique and exclusive to Loison.

Loison Panettone Al Torrone Basso Shape Loison Panettone Al Torrone Basso Shape 1000g ivory paper wrapping, satin ribbon (#1703)

Sold out.

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